William Rockefeller

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Metro-North Engineer Will Not Face Charges in Fatal 2013 Train Derailment

William Rockefeller will not face criminal charges in the 2013 derailment, prosecutors said.

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Sleep Disorder Testing Could have Prevented Metro-North Derailment: NTSB

The MTA said they will start a pilot program to test for sleep apnea after the NTSB recommendations. 

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Metro-North Conductor's Sleep Apnea Led To Fatal Derailment, NTSB Confirms

William Rockefeller fell asleep at the controls of the Metro-North train that derailed in The Bronx.

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Metro-North Announces Safety Reforms After December Crash

The agency has developed new systems for training workers, inspecting tracks and reducing train speeds.

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Metro-North Engineer Took Cold Meds Before Crash, NTSB Says

William Rockefeller had an over-the-counter drug in his system that causes drowsiness, a report found.

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Motorman in Fatal Metro-North Crash Suffered Sleep Apnea

An NTSB report is expected to show that William Rockefeller suffered from the sleep disorder.

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Investigators Find No Evidence of a Crime in Fatal Metro-North Crash

The death of four people is a tragedy but it may not be a crime, sources said.

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Brakes on Deadly Metro-North Train Functioned Properly, Feds Say

There was nothing wrong with the brakes on the Metro-North train that crashed near Spuyten Duyvil.

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Metro-North Engineer Was Dozing Just Before Train Derailment, Sources Say

The engineer woke up and tried to hit the brakes to stop the speeding train, sources said.