Walker Patterson Inman

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Stepmother of Doris Duke Heirs Accused of Taking $328K From Their Trust

Teen twins Walker Patterson Inman III and Georgia Inman have a new trust battle.

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Doris Duke Heir Claims He Once Feared His Step-Mom Would Kill Him

Walker Patterson Inman III and his twin sister claim they suffered abuse while living with dad.

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Mom of Doris Duke Heirs Uses Guards to Thwart Legal Action, Court Docs Say

Daisha Inman used security guards to keep from getting served legal papers, an affidavit says.

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Child Molester May be Trying to Get Doris Duke Heirs' Cash, Court Doc Says

JPMorgan claims Randy Williams, the boyfriend of the heirs' mom, may have made requests with her email.

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Mom of Heirs to Doris Duke Fortune Asked for Cash to Buy $29M Ranch

Daisha Inman has requested some hefty handouts from her kids' trust fund, according to a court filing.

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Doris Duke's Heirs Booted From School for Unpaid Tuition Amid $1B Fight

The heirs of Doris Duke have been suspended from school because their tuition wasn't paid by a trust.

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Doris Duke's Teen Heirs Battle Being 'Poor' While Waiting for $1B

Doris Duke's twin teen heirs stand to be worth $1 billion at 21, but now they have rent troubles.