Vito Lopez

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Sunnyside »

Queens Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan Vying to Be First Female Speaker

Nolan announced her candidacy Wednesday, looking to replace Sheldon Silver, who was arrested last week.

Upper East Side »

Veteran Staffers Left Unemployed After Micah Kellner's Office Shuts Down

Two staffers were left jobless after Sheldon Silver closed the office over sex harassment allegations.

Upper East Side »

Kellner Challenges Ethics Committee as Gov. Cuomo Calls for His Resignation

Governor Andrew Cuomo said Assemblyman Micah Kellner should either deny the allegations or resign.  

Upper East Side »

Assemblyman Micah Kellner Sexually Harassed Staffers, Ethics Committee Says

Speaker Sheldon Silver released a letter admonishing Kellner after an ethics committee report.

Williamsburg »

Antonio Reynoso Beats Vito Lopez and Stephen Levin Keeps City Council Seat

Antonio Reynoso beat Vito Lopez and Stephen Levin kept his spot in office in Tuesday's primary.

Bushwick »

Vito Lopez Cancels Second Campaign Appearance in Five Days

Lopez has now canceled his first two scheduled appearances at the non-profit he founded.

East Williamsburg »

Scandal-Plagued Candidate Vito Lopez Cancels Rare Public Appearance

Vito Lopez canceled his first scheduled appearance at the nonprofit he founded.

New York City »

Ex-Lopez Staffers Could Sue Shelly Silver Over Harassment Cover-Up: Report

Former Vito Lopez staffers may soon sue Sheldon Silver for covering up the Assemblyman's harassment.

Williamsburg »

Assembly Announces Sex Harassment Reforms After Lopez Resigns

In response to withering criticism, Silver offers reforms to prevent further sex-harassment.

New York City »

Disgraced Pol Vito Lopez to Resign and Run for City Council

The embattled Brooklyn Assemblyman said he'll step down in June.

New York City »

Sheldon Silver Will Oust Vito Lopez After Harassment Scandal, Reports Say

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said he'd oust disgraced Assemblyman Vito Lopez, reports said.

Williamsburg »

Vito Lopez Won't Face Criminal Charges in Sexual Harassment Scandal

Assemblyman Vito Lopez will not face criminal charges for allegedly harassing female staffers.

East Harlem »

Harlem and Bronx Leaders Demand Fairer District 8 Lines

Advocates say new district lines are unfair to both neighborhoods.

New York City »

Council Redistricting Commission Votes to Ditch Controversial New Borders

The Districting Commission voted Tuesday to revoke controversial new City Council district lines.

New York City »

Districting Commission Agrees to Withdraw Vito Lopez-Friendly Lines

The Districting Commission responded to a request from Council Speaker Christine Quinn.