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Locals Worry Cornell Tech Tower Will Block Views of Queensboro Bridge

The campus's 26-story residential building will contain more than 350 units.

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Residents Sound Off About Planned East Side Esplanade Makeover

The Rockefeller University is proposing to fix the esplanade as part of a campus overhaul.

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Some UES Residents Fear New Bike Lanes Could Cause 'More Pollution'

Some residents worry planned bicycle lane changes near the Queensboro Bridge could create problems.

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CUNY and Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Plans Prompt Open Space Concerns

CUNY and Sloan Kettering Cancer Center plans have prompted UES residents to worry about open space.

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Tavern on the Green's New Menu Sticks to Moderate Prices

The Tavern on the Green menu includes $14 shrimp and grits and $33 lamb chops.

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Sidewalk Congestion and Traffic at Fairway a 'Travesty,' Neighbors Say

Complaints have mounted against the traffic and congestion in front of the East 86th Street Fairway.

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Wind Turbines Will Bring Blight, Preservationists Say

Preservationists on the Upper East Side fear that green zoning changes will bring visual blight.

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'Casual' Dining Frowned on at Tavern on the Green

The Parks Department will soon start soliciting bids for a "high quality casual restaurant and outdoor café,” at Tavern on the Green, officials said Thursday.

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Family's 'Last Hurrah' after 40 Halloweens on East 78th Street

Teri Slater, who helped turn East 78th Street between Park and Lexington avenues into the "it" place for Upper East Side families on Halloween, is moving after 40 years.

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UES Residents Blast Subway Entrance Plans for Landmarked Blocks

Residents on East 69th Street are outraged over MTA plans to add subway entrances for the overcrowded 68th Street station on the Lexington Avenue line on their landmarked block.

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East River Esplanade Gets $900K for Fixing Potholes

City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin secured nearly $1 million for repairing the East River esplanade, but many residents believe they'll need more.

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Voluptuous Nude Sculpture to Grace Koch Bridge Off-Ramp

A Gaston Lachaise sculpture of a nude woman is slated to be installed in Tramway Plaza in August.

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Upper East Siders Want Action on Duane Reade Sign

After action was taken against an UWS Duane Reade sign, Upper East Siders are asking, what about our sign?

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Taco Truck Ousted from Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is hostile to food trucks, according to drivers and locals alike.