Shirley Huntley

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Jamaica Assemblyman to Step Down After Filing False Travel Expenses

William Scarborough will plead guilty to corruption charges.

Civic Center »

TIMELINE: Malcolm Smith Just the Latest Politician Arrested or Convicted

More than a dozen elected officials have been carted off in cuffs or convicted in court since 2010.

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Who's Who in the Ruben Wills Scandal

Ruben Wills and Jelani Mills were arrested Wednesday on charges of misusing public funds.

Jamaica »

Ruben Wills Defiant After Being Charged With Taking City Campaign Funds

The councilman said he refused to resign after he was charged with stealing city campaign funds.

Laurelton »

Head of Queens Nonprofit Accused of Stealing $88K in Funds, AG Says

The nonprofit, run by Van Holmes, had ties to ex-state Sen. Shirley Huntley.

South Jamaica »

Ex-State Sen. Shirley Huntley Gets One Year in Prison for Nonprofit Scam

Judge cites wire-wearing politician's coooperation with federal investigators.

New York City »

State Sen. Jose Peralta Says He's 'Not A Target' of Federal Probe

State Sen. Jose Peralta said he is not a target of a probe started by Shirley Huntley's wire recordings.

Red Hook »

State Sen. Velmanette Montgomery Named in Federal Investigation

The Brooklyn state senator is being targeted in a criminal probe, according to court documents.

New York City »

Seven Elected Officials Caught in Federal Wire Probe

Six state senators and a city councilman were recorded on a wire worn by Shirley Huntley.

Jamaica »

Queens Councilman Named in Wire Probe Says He's Not Under Investigation

Though he was named as being recorded on a wire, Ruben Wills said he's not the target of a probe.

Edenwald »

Secretly Recorded State Senator in The Bronx Says She Did Nothing Wrong

State Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson was one of several politicians secretly recorded by a fellow lawmaker.

Jackson Heights »

Jose Peralta's Role in FBI Probe Brings Attention to Seat's History

Peralta, who was targeted by a wire probe, holds disgraced Hiram Monserrate's former seat.

Jamaica »

Assemblywoman Connected to Disgraced Pol Shirley Huntley Reports Burglary

Queens Assemblywoman Vivian Cook says her home was broken into while she was in Albany.

East New York »

State Sen. Sampson Stole $440K from Foreclosure Victims, Feds Charge

Sampson pleaded not guilty and was released on $250,000 bond.

New York City »

Corruption 'Pervasive' in New York Politics, Says U.S. Attorney

Dan Halloran on New York politics: "Money is what greases the wheels... It's all about how much."