Ruben Wills

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Murray Hill »

The City Council voted unanimously to approve three bills aimed at stemming the flow of K2.

Murray Hill »

Three bills aim to close loopholes that make it hard to punish shops that peddle synthetic marijuana.

Jamaica »

NYCHA put 109-10 160th St. onto its "prevention plan" after it was flooded with raw sewage.

South Ozone Park »

Ruben Wills called for the removal of the offenders from the Skyway Men's Shelter in South Ozone Park. 

Civic Center »

More than a dozen elected officials have been carted off in cuffs or convicted in court since 2010.

Jamaica »

More than 100 students, joined by faculty members, participated in the protest.

Jamaica »

Queens Councilman Ruben Wills made excuses to avoid meeting with investigators, a lawsuit says.

Jamaica »

Ruben Wills and Jelani Mills were arrested Wednesday on charges of misusing public funds.

Jamaica »

The councilman said he refused to resign after he was charged with stealing city campaign funds.

South Jamaica »

Shootings in Jamaica decreased by more than 30 percent last year.

Jamaica »

Also up for grabs was a seat that will be vacated by Councilman James Gennaro.

Jamaica »

Community activists are inviting mayoral candidates to come to Southeast Queens.

Kew Gardens »

Despite weeks of pressure from the mayor's office and police unions, members say they're standing strong.

Jamaica »

Relatives of D'aja Robinson, 14, blamed the NRA for the easy accessibility of guns.

New York City »

Six state senators and a city councilman were recorded on a wire worn by Shirley Huntley.