Ritchie Torres

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Civic Center »

The City Council said it has the right to legislate changes that affect police department policy.

East Harlem »

NextGeneration NYCHA plan proposes drastic changes to bring the agency out of deficit.

Stapleton »

Groups that helped elect de Blasio say his comments on police and minority relations lag behind policy.

Whitestone »

Police officers have been given the option to ticket low-level marijuana offenders.

Civic Center »

The law would require officers to identify themselves and explain why an individual was being stopped.

Civic Center »

The legislation calls for the DOE to make diversity a priority in its decision-making.

Civic Center »

The proposed legislation would open the NYPD's gun offender registry to the public.

Chelsea »

SAGE's centers offer social services, classes and meals for LGBT seniors.

Tremont & East Tremont »

An interactive chart shows how several members of the Bronx's poorest districts spent tax dollars.

Upper East Side »

Councilman Ben Kallos wants to extend community board membership to older teens.

Concourse »

The borough faced some poll-site problems, with a chunk of its votes still uncounted Wednesday morning.

Fordham »

An openly gay legislator would be a first for The Bronx, observers say.