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Ditmars »

Nicholas Colleran was sentenced to up to four years in prison for the crash that killed Betty DiBiasio.

Kew Gardens »

Heavily armed Emergency Services Unit police and court officers will be on hand.

Corona »

Daniel Verley, 26, will serve five days of community service. 

Jamaica »

Robert Walker used his role as a coach to violate the teen boys he instructed, prosecutors said.

Jamaica »

Milton Robinson and Shaquanaisa Morris have been charged with grand larceny.

Richmond Hill »

Rashida Chowdhury, 21, is accused of murdering her newborn baby.

Jamaica »

Robert Walker is expected to be sentenced to 1 1/2 to 4 1/2 years in prison. 

Ditmars »

Nicholas Colleran, the driver of a hit-and-run, said he had two beers and panicked, the DA said.

Sunnyside »

Erika Menendez was sentenced for pushing Sunando Sen in front of a 7 train in 2012.

Jamaica »

The judge ruled to strip Khan of his teaching license and to register him as a sex offender, DA says.

Ozone Park »

Juanette Cullum allegedly stole the booze, laptops and iPads while cleaning airplanes. 

Forest Hills »

The men forced the homeowner to leave the house and boarded up the doors and windows.

Astoria »

Kelly Harnett was sentenced to 17 years to life for strangling an Astoria resident in Astoria Park.

Ozone Park »

Joseph Caleca allegedly plowed into Sandeep Singh after telling him, "Go back to your country."