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Sports Bar to Replace Notorious Hunts Point Strip Club

The Break Time Sports Bar and Grill owners are hoping to get a liquor license for the new bar.

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Hunts Point Had Nearly as Few Shootings as Riverdale Until a Recent Spree

Five shootings in September threatened to shatter an unusually calm period in Hunts Point and Longwood.

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Strip Club That Lost Liquor License Sells Booze in Soda Bottles, Cops Say

Since losing its license, Platinum Pleasures has tried to secretly sell alcohol, police say.

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Plans for a Hookah Bar in the South Bronx Spark Fear for Some Locals

Members of a community board expressed health and safety concerns, which the owners blamed on biases.

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Strip Club with Violent Past Ordered to Close as Owner Fined Nearly $300K

Club Eleven in Hunts Point was issued a stop-work order Sunday by the state Workers' Compensation Board.

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Bronx Borough President Calls for NYPD 'Action Plan' to Stop Dirt Bikes

Ruben Diaz Jr. said illegal dirt bike riding spikes in the summer and "poses a threat" to residents.

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Police Bust Several Bronx Hot Spots, With Help from the Community Board

Six spots in Hunts Point and Longwood were shut down by the 41st Precinct, and city and state agencies.

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Hunts Point Community Board Fights 3 Clubs With Violent Records

The board has asked the state to close or deny licenses to Ebony Lounge, Club Eleven and Club Heat.

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Two Fires in Bronx Shelter for Homeless Families Raise Alarms

Residents said old mattresses sat in the hallways for weeks and the fire escapes were in disrepair.

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Eco-Activist Looks to 'Harness the Power of Gentrification' in Hunts Point

Majora Carter wants to turn a Spofford Ave. juvenile detention center into school/health complex.

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Hunts Point Residents Frustrated With NYPD Response to Dangerous Dirt Bikes

Residents want cops to crack down on bikers, but the NYPD says there's little they can do.