Michael Pena

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NYPD Officer Guilty of Raping Teacher Appeals 75-Year Sentence

Michael Pena's lawyer said mobsters, terrorists and serial killers get less time in prison than he did.

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Queens Assemblywoman's Bill to Redefine Rape Sparks Debate Over Wording

Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas wants state law to include forced anal and oral sex as rape.

Astoria »

Queens Assemblywoman Pushes to Broaden State's Legal Definition of Rape

Aravella Simotas says the state's current definition of rape is too narrow.

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Waitress Who Said She Was Sexually Assaulted Sues Boss, NYPD Detective

An Inwood waitress who claimed she was sexually assaulted is suing a cop, her boss and the city.

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Cop Arrested for Gunpoint Rape in Staten Island Released on Bail

Arthur Roldan, 28, was charged with rape, menacing and assault, police said.

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Ex-Cop Michael Pena Sentenced to 10 Years to Life on Rape Charges

Michael Pena, who is serving 75 years for attacking a woman, was sentenced on additional rape charges

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Disgraced Ex-Cop Michael Pena Pleads Guilty to Rape Charges

Michael Pena, who is serving 75 to life for attacking a woman in Inwood, pleaded guilty to rape.

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Kelly Endorses Tougher Rape Laws After Pena Case

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said he felt proposed changes would be "appropriate."

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Sexual Assault Victim Says Ex-Cop 'Shattered' Her Life

Former cop Michael Pena was sentenced to 75 years in prison for sexually assaulting a teacher in Inwood.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Judge Seals Jury Record Detailing Drama That Led to Inwood Rape Mistrial

Jury selection minutes and related trial records have been sealed in the Michael Pena case. 

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Rape Case Against Ex-Cop Ends in Mistrial

Officer Michael Pena was convicted of other sex assault charges, but not rape, after a two-week trial.

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Juror in Cop Sex Attack Case Socially Linked to DA

The judge also revealed Tuesday that one of the jurors has a connection to Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance.

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Cop Guilty of Gunpoint Sex Attack, But Jury Deadlocked on Rape Charge

Police Officer Michael Pena was found guilty of a vicious gunpoint sex attack on a 25-year-old teacher.

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Jury Reaches Partial Verdict in Case of Cop Accused of Inwood Rape

A jury reached a verdict in the sex assault charges against Michael Pena, but not on his rape charges.

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Fiancee of Cop Accused of Rape Stands By Him on Stand

Alma Rodriguez was a defense witness in her fiancee's rape case on Thursday.