Michael A. Cardozo

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Bloomberg's Top Lawyer Stepping Down

Corporation Counsel Michael Cardozo served under Mayor Michael Bloomberg during his 12-year tenure.

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Bloomberg Sues to Stop Police Bias Law, Saying it Overreaches

In a brief filed in state court, the mayor's office says state law preempts the City Council's law.

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City to Begin Appeal of Stop-and-Frisk Ruling Friday

The city will file a notice of appeal Friday against Monday's stop-and-frisk decision.

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Woman Wounded in Empire State Building Shooting Sues City, NYPD Cops

Chenin Duclos, 32, is suing the city after she shot near the Empire State Building on Aug. 24.

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Liu Calls On City to Settle $250 Million Central Park Five Lawsuit

Comptroller John Liu says the city is at risk of paying more money if the case is not settled.

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City Argues Taxis are Exempt from Federal Disability Law

In an appeal hearing Thursday, the city said it is not obligated to force drivers to buy accessible cabs.

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Gated Garden at Sutton Place to Become Public Park

One Sutton Place South has reached an agreement with the city to transform its private backyard into a new 10,000-square-foot waterfront park, city officials announced Tuesday.

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City Attorney to Push for Judge Raises in State Commission Hearing

Michael Cardozo, the city's top attorney, will argue for judicial salary increases on Wednesday.

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City Rejects 'Race-Based' FDNY Hiring Proposals

The city has rejected a federal judge's alternative hiring practices designed to combat racial discrimination in the FDNY.