Luke Herrine

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Judge Sides With NYU Law Students in First Amendment Battle With Ex-Trustee

A judge said subpoenas from Daniel Straus' company "presented significant First Amendment issues.”

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Ex-NYU Law Trustee Renews Attack on Student in Labor Case

Attorneys for Daniel Straus' companies accused one of the subpoenaed NYU Law students of lying.

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NYU Law Trustee's Company Pushing Forward With Student Email Subpoenas

CareOne's attorneys defended their subpoenas of Luke Herrine and Leo Gertner's personal emails.

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NYU Law Trustee Who Subpoenaed Students to Step Down

Daniel Straus, whose company was criticized by the law students, will leave May 22, an NYU memo said.

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ACLU Backs NYU Law Students Subpoenaed After Criticizing School Trustee

The ACLU of New Jersey has thrown its support behind two NYU Law School students.

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Subpoenaed NYU Law Students Ask School for Public Show of Support

NYU Law students want the school to speak out against the subpoenas by a trustee's company.

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NYU Law Students' Emails Subpoenaed After Criticizing School Trustee

NYU hired a lawyer to defend the law students, but has not publicly sided with them against the trustee.