Kristin Davis

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Madam-Turned-Candidate Kristin Davis Busted for Selling Pills, Feds Say

Kristin Davis, who rose to fame in the Eliot Spitzer hooker scandal, was busted by the FBI.

New York City »

City Sends More Homeless Families to Shelters Inside Apartment Buildings

The program sends homeless families to buildings while displacing rent-stabilized renters, critics say.

Manhattan »

Andrew Cuomo to Face Off Against Carl Paladino, Other Gubernatorial Hopefuls at Debate

Sparks are expected to fly when Carl Paladino and other gubernatorial hopefuls debate Andrew Cuomo Monday.

Manhattan »

Gubernatorial Fight Could Turn Physical, Debate Organizers Fear

Security guards will be waiting in the wings at Monday's event in case things turn nasty.

Downtown »

'Sex and the City 2' Premiere Draws Screaming Fans to Radio City Music Hall

Hordes of fans turned out to see Sarah Jessica Parker and others strut on the red carpet.