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7 Things to Know About Sending Your Kid to a Gifted and Talented School

Finding the right G&T program depends on your child's needs and the schools involved, experts said.

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QUIZ: Are You Smart Enough to Get Into Private Kindergarten?

The new test for 4-year-old applicants to private schools is now harder. We have sample questions.

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4-Year-Olds Still Prep for Private School Test, Even if No Longer Required

Some private schools are dropping the $568 ERB exam, but many parents will still have their kids tested.

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Experts Share 10 Tips to Prepare Kids for Common Core Exams

Test preparation experts share 10 tips on how to help kids with the Common Core standards.

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Test Preparation Industry Booming as Parents Gird for Common Core

Test preparation businesses are reaping the rewards of the coming Common Core curriculum.

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New Gifted and Talented Test Leaves Parents Stumped

The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test quizzes students on pattern recognition and spatial reasoning.