Joseph Loiacono

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Infamous Graham Avenue Antique Store Owner's Private Life Revealed in Film

Two local filmmakers' lives became intertwined with  Joseph Loiacono's personal life and journey to jail.

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Williamsburg Antique Store Owner Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault

The notorious owner of 373 Graham Ave.'s antique store was charged Tuesday with sexual assault.

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Williamsburg Antique Store Closed After Owner Arrested

Joseph Loiacono's shop on 373 Graham Ave. had a "closed" sign on its door Wednesday.

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Williamsburg Antique Store Owner Arrested Again for Alleged Threats

Joseph Loiacono allegedly violated a restraining order taken out by his Graham Avenue neighbor.

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Williamsburg Antique Shop Owner Threatened Neighbor with Power Saw, DA Says

Joseph Loiacono allegedly chased after a woman with a chainsaw during a profanity-laced tirade.