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South Bronx Chef Trades Midtown for Mott Haven

Joshua Bedford has been the executive chef at Charlie's Bar and Kitchen for over a year.

Mott Haven »

Bruckner Bar and Grill Changes Name After Lawsuit

The popular restaurant is now called the Mott Haven Bar and Grill.

Mott Haven »

Where to Eat in Mott Haven

A sampling of some of the best restaurants in the neighborhood.

Port Morris »

Bruckner Bar and Grill to Reopen Nearly a Year After Hurricane Sandy

The popular Port Morris eatery will reopen in October, though an internal dispute rages on.

Port Morris »

Bruckner Bar & Grill Reopening Delayed by Legal Battle and Feud

A dispute over post-Sandy repairs is in court, while a feud between the co-owners is in arbitration.

Port Morris »

Sandy's Winds and Flooding Wreaked Havoc on Port Morris Businesses

The popular Bruckner Bar and Grill suffered major flooding. Another business had its ceiling collapse.

Port Morris »

Two South Bronx Bars Look to Attract Gay and Lesbian Clientele

Two Port Morris hangouts, the Bruckner and Clock Bar, recently launched new gay and lesbian nights.