Jon Torodash

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Katz Says She Will Not Try to Restore Controversial Statue

The borough president says she would like to see a monument to the accomplishments of women replace it.

Jamaica »

Labor Union Leader and Former Assemblyman Win Jamaica City Council Seats

I. Daneek Miller and Rory Lancman won seats in the districts that include portions of Jamaica.

Jamaica »

Two Jamaica City Council Seats Up for Grabs on Election Day

Queens Councilmen Leroy Comrie and James Gennaro are term-limited.

Kew Gardens »

Former Civic Virtue Statue Site Becomes Eyesore, Kew Gardens Residents Say

The area where the statue once stood is surrounded by a graffiti-covered fence.

Kew Gardens »

Queens Resident Wants to Bring 'Civic Virtue' Back in City Council Run

Jon Torodash fought vehemently against moving the famed Kew Gardens statue.