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Williamsburg »

MAP: See How Much Subway Ridership Increased at Your Station

MTA needs capital funding to keep up with demands placed on the aged system by increased ridership.

Civic Center »

De Blasio Driven to Brooklyn Before Subway Ride to Push for Transit Funds

De Blasio and Sen. Chuck Schumer rode the train to get Congress to pass a long-term transportation bill.

Forest Hills »

INTERACTIVE: Think Your Subway Commute has Gotten Worse? You're Not Wrong

The MTA blames increased ridership, while transportation advocates say it's lack of funding.

Long Island City »

Transit Group Collects Commuting Horror Stories in Push for MTA Funding

Riders Alliance will send the stories to state lawmakers, urging them to fund the MTA's capital plan.

Civic Center »

Legislation Would Require Businesses to Offer Pre-Tax MetroCards to Workers

New legislation would require businesses to allow employees to buy MetroCards with pre-tax earnings.

Civic Center »

Transportation Advocates Call for Clocks to Show When Buses Will Arrive

Transportation advocates are calling for countdown clocks to let riders know when a bus will arrive.

Greenpoint »

'G Train Workout' Shows the 'Hike' and 'Sprint' Required of Riders

A new video highlights the hardships of G train straphangers.

Financial District »

Disgruntled Commuters Ask MTA to Spend Surplus Improving Service

Disgruntled commuters want to MTA to use their $40 million surplus to improve services.

New York City »

G Train Sees Largest Increase In Riders, Study Shows

The notorious G line has gotten a lot more popular.

Greenpoint »

G Train to Receive Full MTA Service Review

The cross-Brooklyn line will receive a full review, officials said.

Williamsburg »

G Train Riders Gather to Brainstorm Ways to Boost Service

The Riders Alliance is hosting an open forum Wednesday for frustrated G train users.