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Michael Grimm to Resign From Congress After Pleading Guilty to Fraud

The Republican congressman announced he would resign from his post on Jan. 5.

New York City »

Bloomberg Shrugs Off Delay on Hurricane Sandy Aid Vote

Bloomberg did not join other area elected officials angered by delays in sending Sandy cash.

Greenwich Village & SoHo »

As Government Talks Debt, Frugal New Yorkers Give Tips

New Yorkers give the government advice on handling its finances.

Manhattan »

Anthony Weiner Files Letter of Resignation

Rep. Anthony Weiner will resign from the House effective midnight, Tues. June 21, according to the letter.

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Late Night Deal Halts Government Shutdown, Saves New York from Losing Millions

Democrats and Republicans brokered a late night deal to cut $38.5 billion from the federal budget.

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Looming Government Shutdown Threatens to Cost New York Millions

If a budget deal isn't reached by Friday night, the national government will start shutting down.

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Michael Bloomberg Heads to D.C. to Meet Congressional Leaders

Mayor Michael Bloomberg had plans to meet with House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader John Boehner.