Jenny Hou

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John Liu's Former Aide and Fundraiser Both Found Guilty in Fraud Case

Xing Wu "Oliver" Pan and Jia "Jenny" Hou were found guilty of defrauding the city of matching funds.

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Fraud Trial of John Liu's Former Aides Delayed, Report Says

Concerns emerged about the mental health of one of Comptroller John Liu's former aides, a report said.

New York City »

Feds Tried to 'Manufacture' Case Against John Liu, Fundraiser's Lawyer Says

A lawyer for one of John Liu's fundraisers said the case against his client should be dismissed.

New York City »

Liu's Former Campaign Treasurer Needs Cash for Legal Fees, Lawyer Says

A lawyer for John Liu's former campaign treasurer said she needs cash to pay her legal fees.

Manhattan »

Former Liu Treasurer Indicted

Comptroller John Liu's former campaign treasurer, Jenny Hou, 25, was indicted Friday.

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John Liu Should Forget 2013 Mayor Run, Pundits Say

City Comptroller John Liu is mulling his political future after his campaign treasurer was arrested.

Manhattan »

John Liu's Campaign Treasurer Charged With Fraud

City Comptroller John Liu's campaign treasurer, Jia Hou, was arrested for campaign finance fraud.