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Public Housing Tenants Sue Over NYCHA's Plan for Luxury High-Rises

Tenants at five public housing developments say NYCHA failed to do proper environmental reviews.

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What's in a Name? Bruce Ratner Stumped By Acronym For New LES Development

Developer Bruce Ratner was reportedly planning to bid on Seward Park Urban Renewal Area, known as SPURA.

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LES Residents Still Without Power and Heat Threaten Rent Strike

Residents of Knickerbocker Village are considering a rent strike after two weeks in the dark and cold.

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Contentious Seward Park Development Gets Committee Approval

The plan currently does not include a school or permanent affordable housing, angering some members.

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East Village Schools Split Along Racial Lines Under City Policy

The DOE no longer uses diversity as a factor in elementary school admissions in the East Village.

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Advocates Inch Closer to Development Proposal for Seward Park's Empty Lots

A debate over future affordable housing at the sprawling site dominated a local community board meeting Monday.

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Fate of Undeveloped Land on Lower East Side to Be Debated By Community

A community-driven plan for seven undeveloped acres on the Lower East Side is trying seeking to build support.

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East Village Landlord Ordered to Lop Off Penthouse

The city's Board of Standards and Appeals ruled the addition illegal, but will allow the owner to keep a sixth floor.