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Harlem Shake Inspired by Harlem Mom

Albert Leopold Boyce, or Al B., who died in 2006 from heart failure, created the dance in the 1980s.

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Viral 'Harlem Shake' Videos Get No Love on 125th Street

A web producer from New Jersey talked to people on 125th Street who strongly dislike the viral sensation.

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Rapper G.Dep Confession Tape Played for Jurors in Murder Trial

Both the DA and the defense believe the Harelm-born rapper's confession tape proves their case.

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Rapper 'G-Dep' Won't Plead Guilty to 1993 Murder

A rapper who turned himself in for a fatal shooting while reconciling for his troubled past will not be getting a break for his honesty, prosecutors said Thursday.

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Rapper 'G-Dep' Pleads Not Guilty to 1993 Shooting

Trevell Coleman, 36, admitted to a shooting he committed as a teen, then pleaded not guilty to murder.