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Incumbent Queens District Leader Runs Again Without Party's Support

Jessica Ramos said she got the cold shoulder from Democrats after the City Council speaker's race.

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Colombian Independence Day Parade Marches Through Jackson Heights

The annual Colombian Independence Day Parade marched through Jackson Heights on Sunday.

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Bloomberg Backs Off Comment About MLS Team Going to Yankee Stadium

The mayor slipped on Sunday, saying the new soccer team will play in the Bronx, not Queens.

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MLS Stadium Plan Sparks Tug-of-War Over Hispanic Support

Despite soccer's popularity, Hispanic support for an MLS stadium remains divided, activists say.

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MLS Lobbyist Erodes Queens Parkland While on High Line Board, Critics Say

A lobbyist for Major League Soccer also sits on the board of the High Line.

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Residents March Against Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Development

Neighbors and politicians marched Sunday to protest development plans at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

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Queens Voters Forced to Trek a Mile After Polling-Place Swap

P.S. 2 was disqualified as a polling place because it was not handicap accessible.

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Roadside Car Dealers Illegally Hog Parking Spots, Residents Say

Cars are being sold on the streets of Corona and nearby, taking up scarce parking spots, residents say.

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I.S. 61 Gifted and Talented Program Moving Because of Overcrowding

The school in Corona is operating at 120 percent of its capacity.