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City Must Review Penthouse Atop Underground Railroad Home, Court Rules

The landmarked Hopper-Gibbons house once hosted abolitionists John Brown and William Lloyd Garrison.

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Landmarks Must Review Controversial Underground Railroad Penthouse: Judge

The owner plans to appeal the decision, his lawyer said.

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Underground Railroad House Landlord to Face Off Against City in Court

The owner of the Hopper-Gibbons House sued the city to keep a fifth-floor addition on the building.

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Underground Railroad House's History is Irrelevant, Owner Says

The owner of a Chelsea house used in the network that helped slaves escape sued the city

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Underground Railroad House Owner Loses Appeal to Keep Rooftop Addition

The Hopper-Gibbons House's owner may go to court to fight ruling from city board.

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Landlord Wants to Keep 'Illegal' Fifth Floor on Underground Railroad House

The city will hear an appeal of its order to remove the fifth floor of Chelsea's Hopper Gibbons House.

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Owners of Underground Railroad Building Fighting to Keep 'Illegal' Addition

The owners of a building which once housed former slaves escaping to freedom are fighting a city order.

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Underground Railroad Penthouse Still Standing After Demolition Deadline

An illegal fifth floor on a row house, once a part of the Underground Railroad, is still standing, days after a DOB deadline.

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City Orders Illegal Penthouse Torn Down From Underground Railroad Building

The city has ordered the developer at a Chelsea stop on the Underground Railroad to take down illegal construction.

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Developers of Underground Railroad Building Under Investigation

Local activists say a Chelsea row house once owned by Quaker abolitionists is in jeopardy.