Donna Cobb

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Harlem Woman Acquitted of Murdering Husband She Said Abused Her

Donna Cobb faced 25 years to life in prison for plunging a butter knife into her husband's chest in 2006.

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Domestic Violence Claims Argued in Murder Trial of Harlem Woman

Lawyers argued Wednesday over whether Donna Cobb was the victim of abuse by her husband.

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Harlem Woman Claims She Stabbed Husband to Death in Self Defense

Donna Cobb, who is on trial for murder, said her husband was choking her when she stabbed him with a butter knife.

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Harlem Wife Claims She Killed Her Husband Because of Abuse

A Harlem woman is on trial for stabbing her husband to death with a butter knife after earlier saying she hit him with a ceramic elephant.

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Hamilton Heights Woman Accused of Killing Husband With a Ceramic Elephant to Stand Trial

Donna Cobb, 42, claimed she killed her husband with a ceramic elephant out of self-defense.