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Wu-Tang Clan Producer Charged With Sex Assault to Undergo Psych Test

A Manhattan judge ordered a psychatric exam for Wu-Tang Clan producer Derrick Harris.

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Wu-Tang Clan Producer Granted Bail After Bizarre Courtroom Rant

Wu-Tang Clan producer and rapper True Master, who was arrested on charges of sexually attacking a woman in his Harlem apartment, may be released on bail.

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Wu-Tang Clan Producer Who Escaped Court Indicted for Alleged Sex Assault

Producer and rapper Derrick Harris, also known as "True Master," was indicted on sex assault charges on Sept. 16, 2011.

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Wu-Tang Clan Producer is Sex Assault Suspect Who Escaped Court

Derrick Harris, known as rapper "True Master," and a producer with the Wu-Tang Clan, was charged with a violent sex attack on a woman in Harlem and escaped the courthouse shortly after his arraignment.

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Harlem Sex Assault Suspect Escapes From Courthouse

Derrick Harris, 41, was arrested for a brutal sex attack but fled from police custody while awaiting his arraignment on Wednesday.