David A. Paterson

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Central Harlem »

Man Fights to Save Harlem Community Garden

Harlem Grown's garden on 134th St. and Lenox Ave. may be destroyed to make way for affordable housing.

Upper West Side »

Hundreds Protest Met Opera's Performance of 'The Death of Klinghoffer'

Protesters said it glorifies anti-Semitism, but the Met said political art should be free of censorship.

Central Harlem »

Lenox Avenue McDonald's is an Eyesore, Frustrated Neighbors Say

The fast food chain has not fixed their awning in six months.

Upper East Side »

Ex-Gov. Paterson Calls for Pension Law Change to Help Injured NYPD Officer

Paterson and Public Advocate Letitia James said Rosa Rodriguez deserves a full disability pension.

Central Harlem »

Harlem Political Leader Basil Paterson Dead at 87

The father of former Gov. David Paterson was a pillar of Harlem politics for decades.

Central Harlem »

Former Gov. Paterson Named Professor at Touro College in Harlem

Former Gov. David Paterson will lecture medical and law students.

Financial District »

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Canoodle at Angel Ball

Solange Knowles, Jessica Stam, George Hamilton and more turned out to support Denise Rich's charity.

New York City »

City Council Hikes Fines for Illegal Hotels

The City Council adopted a bill substantially increasing fines for illegal hotels.

Central Harlem »

Teens Battle For Top Chef Honors in Harlem

High school students in Harlem participated in a Teen Battle Chef to raise awareness of healthy eating.

Manhattan »

Former Gov. David Paterson Nominated to MTA Board

Former Gov. David Paterson has been nominated to replace Paul McCartney's wife on the MTA board.

Manhattan »

Officials Introduce Taxi Payment Service for the Visually Impaired

The new system will give the visually impaired access to audio payment prompts.

Downtown »

Woody Allen Donated $175 to Julie Menin

Woody Allen is among those who donated to Julie Menin's likely run for Manhattan borough president.

Manhattan »

Former Gov. Paterson Was "Out of His Time"

Paterson had nothing but high praise for his successor's handling of the budget so far.

Manhattan »

Transit Activists Warn of Future Fare Hikes During ‘Mobile Protest’

Activists from Transportation Alternatives boarded the uptown A train Thursday to send a warning to fellow straphangers.

Midtown & Theater District »

Fraud Could Rise as Kosher Inspectors Dwindle, Experts Warn

The state has slashed its team of kosher inspectors, putting enforcement into private hands.