David Dinkins

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Civic Center »

Mayor Bill de Blasio said all that Dinkins has done for the city is not truly appreciated.

Upper East Side »

Events this weekend include the African American Day Parade, various art shows and Oktoberfest.

Washington Heights »

Councilman Mark Levine declined to submit the proposal because Dinkins' family was not supportive.

Central Harlem »

A mural at Harlem Flo Boutique shows famous gay residents of Harlem's past and present. 

Morningside Heights »

Clinton referenced Garner in her first major policy speech which focused on criminal justice reform.

Central Harlem »

Harlem Grown's garden on 134th St. and Lenox Ave. may be destroyed to make way for affordable housing.

Central Harlem »

After 36 years of neglect, the building has become too delapidated to save.

Civic Center »

NYPD rank-and-file anger at Mayor de Blasio could spill over onto Commissioner Bratton, sources say.

Midtown »

Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed the Police Athletic League on Monday.

Central Harlem »

"Mandela" will be performed Friday Saturday and Sunday at the National Black Theatre.

Central Harlem »

Michael Henry Adams was arrested during a one-man protest Sunday morning.

Central Harlem »

The father of former Gov. David Paterson was a pillar of Harlem politics for decades.

Civic Center »

Dinkins officials used funds dedicated to Safe Streets, Safe City to plug budget holes, insiders said.

Bed-Stuy »

The former mayor will visit Restoration Plaza to promote his new book, "A Mayor’s Life."