Daniel Straus

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Judge Sides With NYU Law Students in First Amendment Battle With Ex-Trustee

A judge said subpoenas from Daniel Straus' company "presented significant First Amendment issues.”

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Ex-NYU Law Trustee Renews Attack on Student in Labor Case

Attorneys for Daniel Straus' companies accused one of the subpoenaed NYU Law students of lying.

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NYU Law Trustee's Company Pushing Forward With Student Email Subpoenas

CareOne's attorneys defended their subpoenas of Luke Herrine and Leo Gertner's personal emails.

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NYU Law Trustee Who Subpoenaed Students to Step Down

Daniel Straus, whose company was criticized by the law students, will leave May 22, an NYU memo said.

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ACLU Backs NYU Law Students Subpoenaed After Criticizing School Trustee

The ACLU of New Jersey has thrown its support behind two NYU Law School students.

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Subpoenaed NYU Law Students Ask School for Public Show of Support

NYU Law students want the school to speak out against the subpoenas by a trustee's company.

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NYU Law Students' Emails Subpoenaed After Criticizing School Trustee

NYU hired a lawyer to defend the law students, but has not publicly sided with them against the trustee.

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Whitney Museum Owes $160K in Back Taxes, Says Check's in the Mail

The Whitney owes the city nearly $160K in taxes and fees but insists the check is in the mail.

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Community Blasts Condo Plan for Former Whitney-Owned Brownstones

Daniel Straus' plans to transform six brownstones and two townhouses he bought last year from the Whitney museum on Madison Avenue and East 74th Street have met community opposition.