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Emergency Responders Called to Chelsea Shelter Nearly 1,900 Times This Year

Police responded to 1,867 911 calls at the BRC shelter from Jan. 1 to Nov. 10, records show. 

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

'Jersey Jitney' Buses Getting Shut Down, Ticketed by NYPD

One driver said he would continue to operate despite repeated $2,000 fines.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Water Taxi Launches Commuter Ferry Connecting West Side to Downtown

The rush-hour service will run from Pier 84 to Brookfield Place.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Port Authority Should Make $400M Bus Garage a Top Priority, Locals Say

The Port Authority should build a bus annex even if it does not receive a federal grant, residents said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

New Corrals Bring Bike Parking to Ninth Avenue

The street will see several bike corrals added to complement recently installed bike lanes.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Fatal Hit-and-Run Renews Call for Changes at Hell's Kitchen Intersection

Advocates hope the DOT will make Ninth Avenue and West 41st Street safer after a deadly hit-and-run.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Park Near Lincoln Tunnel Proposed by Hell's Kitchen Groups

The park would run along one block of Dyer Avenue near the Lincoln Tunnel.

Chelsea »

Hell's Kitchen Cops and Community Begin Crackdown on Delivery Bikes

CHEKPEDS began an education campaign in advance of police issuing more summons against deliverers.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Fake Cop Cars Park for Free on West 55th Street, Police Say

Cops in the Midtown North Precinct said that several people have used out-of-date cards for free parking.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

DOT Wants Public to Back Megabus Over Controversial Stop

The Department of Transportation plans to seek public support for the Port Authority Megabus stop.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

Megabus Gets a Free Ride at Port Authority Bus Terminal

The discount carrier will park on the street next to the station without charge.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

Megabus Too Heavy for City Streets, State Police Say

Megabus' fully-loaded double decker buses are 4,000 pounds too heavy to drive in NYC, state police found.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

Ninth Avenue Megabus Hub Will Move

Megabus will soon move its stop from Ninth Avenue and 33rd Street.

Midtown & Theater District »

Payphone of the Future Could Come to a Corner Near You

Residents envision a payphone of the future with touch screens, power outlets or voice activation.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

Community Gets First Look at Proposed Space Shuttle Museum

Community Board members wholeheartedly supported the new Hell's Kitchen museum for the space shuttle Enterprise, but are concerned about traffic.