Carol Tweedy

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Upper East Side »

Trash Station Workers Ignored Safety Rules Before Chisel Broke Window: City

Construction workers used improper equipment and took a shortcut, a preliminary investigation shows.

Upper East Side »

Head of Asphalt Green Retiring After 20 Years

Carol Tweedy has been at the helm of Asphalt Green for two decades.

Upper East Side »

Seven People Arrested at Protest of Planned Waste Transfer Station

The protest was in response to the city's plan to remove trees on the site of a planned ramp.

Yorkville »

City Plans to Rip Out Trees Ahead of Work on Marine Transfer Station

The trees are set to be ripped up at the Asphalt Green athletic complex Friday.

Upper East Side »

Asphalt Green Launches $89K Campaign to Protest Marine Transfer Station

The recreation complex is ramping up efforts against the East 91st Street sanitation project.

Yorkville »

Construction Trailer at Controversial Trash Station Site Alarms Neighbors

Asphalt Green officials worry that the trailer is a sign that construction will soon begin.

Yorkville »

Asphalt Green Swimmers Head to U.S. Olympic Trials

Five swimmers from Asphalt Green's team have qualified for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials in Omaha.

Downtown »

Asphalt Green's Battery Park City Center Delayed Until February

The $55 million facility at 212 N. End Ave. will open in February 2012, rather than January.

Downtown »

Asphalt Green Announces Cooking, Arts Programs for Battery Park City Center

Asphalt Green will offer cooking, circus and arts classes at its new Battery Park City Center.

Manhattan »

Asphalt Green Unveils Details of Battery Park City Center

The $55 million center could open as soon as September 2011.