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Midtown East »

More Than 4,000 Bees Swarm Saks Fifth Avenue Headquarters

The bees flew toward a tree behind the high-end department store's corporate office.

Borough Park »

Expert Warns of Massive Bee Activity in Borough Park

An NYPD bee expert vacuumed up 15,000 bees Saturday, the second swam he'd seen in two weeks.

Bushwick »

NYPD Staves Off Swarm of Bushwick Bees With Horse Manure

The NYPD's bee specialist vacuumed the swarm and then sprayed the bees' tree with horse manure smoke.

Great Kills »

Bee Swarm Outside Staten Island School Evades NYPD

The NYPD's resident bee expert said the 15,000-bee swarm means more could be on the way.

New York City »

Most Memorable Moments of 2012 New York looks back at 2012's biggest stories and most dramatic photos.

Upper West Side »

Thousands of Bees Swarm Upper West Side Garbage Can

Thousands of honey bees swarmed an Upper West Side garbage can

Corona »

3 Million Bees Seized From Queens Home

Yi Gin Chen, 42, kept 42 hives in his Corona home, officials said.

Bushwick »

NYPD Clears Nest of 'Extremely Aggressive' Hornets in Bushwick

Detective Anthony Planakis removed a hive that hung from a tree near a Brooklyn church.

South Street Seaport »

Beehive Removal Near Brooklyn Bridge Marks End to Busy Swarm Season

Beekeeper Anthony Planakis rescued a hive of about 18,000 bees near the Brooklyn Bridge Wednesday.

Rego Park »

A Day in the Life of the NYPD's Bee Expert

Anthony "Tony Bees" Planakis has been responding to city bee swarms for more than 15 years.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Massive Bee Swarm Brings 20,000 Insects to Brooklyn Tree

Cops found a massive swarm of 20,000 honeybees clinging to a tree in Downtown Brooklyn.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Bee Swarm Traps Family in Car at Pier 92 Parking Lot

A swarm engulfed a family's Volvo at a garage Sunday until rescuers could contain the giant mass of bees.

Westchester Square »

Swarm of Feral Bees Shuts Down Bronx Corner

A swarm of bees shut down an area of Westchester Square when they swarmed a bus stop on Friday afternoon.

East Village »

9,000 Bees Swarm on The Bowery

The insects took over a tree on Bowery Street Wednesday afternoon.

Astoria »

Tree Limb Cut Off to Free Astoria Street of Bees

Tree limb containing a huge bee hive was cut off Friday morning, eliminating threat of swarming insects.

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