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East Village »

Archaeologists Have Recreated Beer From the 1800s and it Tastes Minty

Archaeologists found a recipe for 19th-century California Pop Beer after discovering an old beer bottle.

East Village »

Get Your Taste of the 'Elixir of Long Life' at This Pub Crawl

Try an 1800s recipe for fending off death on July 19, as part of a pub crawl led by archaeologists.

Lower East Side »

'Elixir of Long Life' Recreated From 1800s Bottle Unearthed on Bowery

Archaeologists tracked down the German recipe after finding a tiny glass bottle beneath a Bowery site.

Chinatown »

Bottles From 19th Century German Beer Garden Found at Bowery Hotel Site

A trove of antique bottles and other items were unearthed at 50 Bowery, the future site of a new hotel.

Civic Center »

Mystery Artifact Unearthed at City Hall Is 19th-Century Feminine Device

An early incarnation of the feminine hygiene device was discovered during excavations.

Financial District »

Trove of 18th-Century Liquor Bottles Found Underneath Fulton Street

More than 100 18th-century liquor bottles were found last week during a dig along Fulton Street.

Downtown »

18th-Century Wall Discovered Under Fulton Street

A stone wall that is more than 200 years old was unearthed on Fulton Street this week.

Downtown »

Students Get Tour of Artifact-Filled Fulton St. Construction Site

P.S. 276 students took a field trip to Fulton Street's water main construction site Feb. 13, 2012.

Downtown »

Historical Artifacts Found Beneath Fulton Street Wow Second-Graders

P.S. 276 students had many questions for archaeologist Alyssa Loorya.

Downtown »

5,000 Historic New York Artifacts Found Beneath Fulton Street

The items unearthed this fall include a bone toothbrush and a copper half-penny.

Downtown »

300-Year-Old Well Discovered Under Fulton Street

The well may have belonged to Stephanus van Cortlandt, the first native-born mayor of New York City.