Karl Vanderwoude

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Upper East Side »

Cops Release New Surveillance Images of 'Dapper Groper'

Police put out new surveillance images of the suspect after accusing the wrong man of the groping spree.

Upper East Side »

Alleged 'Dapper Groper' Cleared of All Charges

A judge dismissed all charges against Karl Vanderwoude, 26, on Monday.

Upper East Side »

Accused 'Dapper Groper' to be Cleared, Lawyer Says

Karl Vanderwoude is expected to have the charges against him dismissed on Monday.

Downtown »

Accused 'Well-Dressed Groper' Denies Allegations, Report Says

Karl Vanderwoude, 26, denies being the man accused of groping two women in Manhattan.

Upper East Side & Roosevelt Island »

Accused 'Well Dressed' Groper Hosted Bible Studies, Neighbors Say

Karl Vanderwoude, 26, works at a finance firm and hosted bible studies at his apartment.

Manhattan »

Cops Say Finance Worker is 'Well-Dressed' Groper

Karl Vanderwoude, 26, was busted for allegedly groping four women in seperate attacks.