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Five Rainy Day Shoes Every Man in New York Needs

The five shoes every New York man needs to save his style when it's soggy.

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Shopping expert Sarah Theeboom combs through the city’s unique boutiques and artisanal purveyors to deliver the hottest goods and fashions on offer in your local shops.

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Luggage Lessons: Where To Find The Perfect Bag for Your Vacation

Everything you need to know about luggage, and where to find it in NYC.

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The Five Rain Shoes Every New York Woman Should Own

The five pairs of shoes women in New York need when it rains.

Upper West Side »

Toy Story: Shopping for Children's Gifts on the Upper West Side

Best bets for children's birthday gifts on the Upper West Side.

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How to Shop for the Perfect Vintage Prom Dress

The how, where and why to shop for a vintage prom dress.

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Where to Shop for Your Easter Bonnet

Going to the Easter parade? Here's where to find a bonnet.

Williamsburg »

Rompers and Crop Tops: Shopping for Spring in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

Williamsburg has gone from grungy to a grown-up's shopping paradise.

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How to Shop for Fetish Fashions, From Leather to Latex

Fetish fashion is all over the runways, but how do normal girls wear it?  

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Where to Shop For Your Oscar Party

Shop the city for your Pinterest-worthy Oscar Party.

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Artisanal Chocolates Now Valentine's Day Gold

Over the past decade, chocolate has been reinvented as an upmarket, even jewel-like gift.

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Top 10 Rules for Shopping for Vintage Clothing

Vintage is not a style, it's a tool. Here are some easy steps to work it into your wardrobe.

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Where to Shop for the Perfect Thank-You Present

How to find appropriate, elegant and price sensitive gifts for a unique "thank-you."

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How to Find the Right Bikini or Board Shorts for Your Winter Getaway

Shopping for a new bathing suit can make you feel like you're drowning. Here's a lifeline.

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Shopping Resolutions to Streamline Your New Year

Five New Year's shopping resolutions from New York's retail aficionado.