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Astoria »

Dozens of Pre-K Seats Coming to Queens Library Branches

The full day pre-K classes are planned for locations in Woodhaven and Ravenswood in Astoria.

East Harlem »

New Pre-K Seats Could Leave Many 4-Year-Olds Scrambling for Afternoon Care

The city wants 53,000 "full day" pre-K seats in September, but a six-hour day is hard on some families.

Bed-Stuy »

Bill to Put Alarms on School Exits Needed as Pre-K Expands, Councilman Says

A new bill that would alarm elementary school exits is crucial with universal pre-K, its sponsor says.

Upper East Side »

Upper East Side Won't Get Any New Pre-K Seats Under Citywide Expansion

More than 200 pre-K seats will be added to District 2 schools, but none are on the Upper East Side.

Ridgewood »

City Adds More Than 4,200 Full-Day Pre-K Seats for This Fall

The city will offer additional free pre-K seats in dozens of schools across the five boroughs.

Corona »

Gillibrand and Ferreras Hosting Women's Issues Forum in Corona

The informal discussion will allow women in the district to discuss issues that are important to them.

Upper West Side »

Pre-K Guide: How to Score a Seat for Your Child

Pre-K admission is highly competitive in some neighborhoods, while others have plenty of extra seats.

Civic Center »

Children's Aid Society Chief Tapped to Spearhead City's UPK Plan

Richard Buery, of the Children's Aid Society, will oversee the city's UPK efforts as a deputy mayor.

Civic Center »

Voters on 'Honeymoon' With de Blasio, Latest Poll Says

Nearly two-thirds of voters are optimistic about the next four years even as they're divided over issues.

Cobble Hill »

Private School Pre-K Discounts Might Be Collateral Damage of de Blasio Plan

Little-known discounts at private nurseries could be eliminated amid de Blasio's citywide pre-K push.

Crown Heights »

De Blasio Promises 'a Lot' of Full-Day Pre-K Seats Next Fall

The mayor-elect reiterated his promise to have the first phase of universal pre-K up by September 2014.

East Harlem »

De Blasio Unveils Universal Pre-K Planning Team

The group will focus on fleshing out the Mayor-elect's signature education proposal.

Morningside Heights »

De Blasio Pushes Universal Pre-K Plan in Speech at Columbia University

The mayor-elect said he's puting together a task force to address the details of his signature plan.

Civic Center »

Lhota Compares Himself to 'Rocky' in Battle for Mayor

Joe Lhota said Bill de Blasio is more like "Ivan Drago," the Soviet boxer who Rocky bested in "Rocky IV."

Financial District »

Cuomo Says State Might Cover Cost of NYC's Universal Pre-K Without Tax Hike

Cuomo said he's against raising NYC taxes for universal pre-K, and hinted that Albany may foot the bill.