Marc Jacobs Store Covered in Graffiti, Reports Say

By Ben Fractenberg on May 9, 2012 8:15pm 

Marc Jacobs tweeted a picture of his SoHo store after it was graffiti bombed.
Marc Jacobs tweeted a picture of his SoHo store after it was graffiti bombed.
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SOHO — Looks like someone left their mark.

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs tweeted out a picture of his Mercer Street store Tuesday after it was apparently defaced with graffiti.

The word "ART" was painted across the front of the store in giant pink letters either sometime early Tuesday morning or late Monday night. French fraffiti artist "Kidult" took credit for the bomb on Twitter account, but more than an hour after Jacobs posted it.

According to his website, "Kidult is the problem child who paints in a righteous, primary and no-limit way with the use of an extinguisher."

Kidult has also tagged Christian Louboutin, Hermes and Louis Vuitton stores, The New York Observer reported.

The Jacobs tweet was accompanied by text "Art by Art Jacobs," making it almost seem like the designer was taking credit for the graffiti.

But Kidult is apparently pretty savvy about corporate appropriation. 

“All these retail outlets have once used graffiti as a commercial tool to get more money and be “cool” without knowing anything about the culture," read a quote on his website. "I didn’t simply say “hello” to them. If they really like graffiti, I just gave them what they love.”

Neither Jacobs or Kidult immediately responded to requests for comment.

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