Manny Stax' Fiancee Files Complaint Alleging Cops Peeked at Nude Pics

By Mathew Katz | January 9, 2012 6:44am 

MANHATTAN — The fiancee of murder suspect Manuel Pinero has filed a complaint claiming police took naked pictures off her cell phone and circulated them while she was being held in custody.

Tanya Vazquez, 29, whose club promoter boyfriend, known as Manny Stax, is accused of killing a man outside Chelsea nightspot the Juliet Supperclub, logged a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

She said hours after Christopher Adames, 23, was killed outside the West 21st Street club on Sept. 26, she was brought to NYPD's 10th Precinct as a witness.

Police detained her when she attempted to leave the station house, and confiscated her cell phone, the complaint said. When she got her phone back, there was a self-taken naked picture of herself open on it, she said in the filing.

"Now I know why every time an officer came into the precinct, they came to look at me in my cell," she wrote. "I could also hear chatter about me from the desk outside."

An NYPD source said officers didn't look at content on Vazquez's phone and didn't use it. The source said most phones are password protected, which would block everybody — including police — from using it, though he didn't know if hers was.

The source said Vasquez was at the station for hours, but when investigators determined she was not directly involved in the murder she was released.

A spokeswoman for the Civilian Complaint Review Board confirmed that the complaint had been filed with them. It also accuses police using Vasquez's phone to call a suspect, Vazquez said.

Police put out a warrant for 41-year-old Pinero's arrest shortly after the murder. He turned himself in on Sept. 28 and was ordered held without bail.

Associate Justice David Saxe granted Pinero bail in the amount of $500,000 cash or a $1 million bond on Dec. 16. Friends and family are still trying to get that money together.

Vazquez herself has helped put together a legal defense fund for Pinero, which has raised $3,785 as of Tuesday evening.

In a series of emails and direct messages on Twitter, Vazquez said she was held for 16 hours on the day of the alleged murder and "had not been treated with much respect."

Vazquez also wrote that she was scared for both herself and Pinero's safety if he makes bail, after a series of Twitter-based threats.

"I know that they know where I live," she wrote. "They described it perfectly. If they know he's out on bail they will really be looking for us."