Justin Bieber Meets 9/11 Teens at Macy's as President Promised, Report Says

By Tom Liddy | June 26, 2011 11:15am 

By Tom Liddy

DNAinfo News Editor

MANHATTAN - Her dream came true.

President Barack Obama delivered on his promise to set up a meeting between a New Jersey teen who lost her father on 9/11 and Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber, according to the New York Post.

During a ceremony at Ground Zero in May, Obama had promised Payton Wall, 14, of Rumson, some face time with her favorite singer after she wrote the president a letter talking about the loss of her father Glen and saying that Bieber's music inspired her to share the story. 

Last Thursday, she got her wish when Bieber was in town to promote his new fragrance, "Someday," at Macy's in Herald Square as throngs of raucous fans waited outside.

"It was so cool," she said, according to the paper. "I couldn't believe it."

The teen got to hug the pop phenom with her sister, Avery, 12, and best friend Madison Robertson, 14, who also lost her father, Don, on 9/11.

The girls, who brought along a life-size cutout of President Obama, were nervous at the prospect of meeting Bieber.

"He was really nice and is so cute," said Avery, according to The Post. "He didn't even look real."

After receiving Payton's letter, Obama invited the girl and her mother to a wreath-laying ceremony at Ground Zero just days after Osama bin Laden was killed.

During the ceremony, Obama - who jetted into town Thursday for a series of fundraisers as the Macy's event was wrapping up - told her that he knew Bieber and would try to set up a meeting, as first reported by DNAinfo.