Thousands of Dancers Get Limber in East Village

By Tom Liddy | May 21, 2011 5:08pm 

By Dave Goldiner

DNAinfo News Editor

EAST VILLAGE - Let the dance begin!

Up to 10,000 dancers strutted their stuff in the streets of the East Village Saturday as the Dance Parade NY festival stepped off.

More than 160 dance troupes showed off their best moves as onlookers enjoyed bright sunshine and balmy temperatures after a week of rain.

The dance festival, which boasts of being the "most culturally diverse festival in the world," included at least 76 different styles of dance.

There was hip-hop and Latin, traditional Japanese, tango, house music and modern dance.

After winding through the streets of the East Side from E. 21st Street down to the East Village, the party continued into the evening in Tompkins Square Park.