New York Blog Wants a Rude Awakening

By Ben Fractenberg on March 1, 2011 5:54pm 

A new blog is trying to re-establish New York as the rudest city in the country.
A new blog is trying to re-establish New York as the rudest city in the country.
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DNAinfo/Ben Fractenberg

By Ben Fractenberg

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

MANHATTAN — Some New Yorkers are trying to reclaim the Big Apple's infamous reputation as rudest city in the country.

A blog called "Re-Establish NYC as the Rudest City in America" was set up after Travel and Leisure recently ranked New York City behind Los Angeles in terms of rudeness, the blog explains. Contributors can tweet their stories to @NYCrudemoments, which then get placed on the site.

"Woman is crocheting, taking up 2 seats on the 8:30am downtown 6 train on a Monday — train is packed and someone accidentally bumps into her bag of yarn on the ground she looks up and yells 'What the f*** is wrong with you!'" tweeted one contributor on Feb. 28.

Apparently even the elderly aren't immune.

"Frail older woman w/ luggage, getting on airport bus, asks driver for assistance. His reply: Not in my job description, lady," tweeted @TheCitizeNY on March 1.

Neither are the famous, for that matter.

"just made fun of a dude for looking like John Mayer … actually ended up being John Mayer," tweeted @igifconnor on Feb. 27.

Other posts, though, show a unique New York sense of humor.

"Couple is taking a picture outside of a parking garage in Herald Square (weird?) homeless guy walks up to them and says to the man - 'Dude, come on I could do better than her!'" tweeted contributor David J.

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