Far Rockaway »

Vladlen Nemirovskaya was walking in a parking lot when he slipped and fell Thursday afternoon. 

Park Slope »

Now that the storm's over, it's time to hit the slopes for some sledding.

Washington Heights »

Residents took to social media to share the snow-capped scenes. 

Bushwick »

A massive blizzard Thursday could dump 14 inches of snow on the city. 

Upper East Side »

Miguel Gonzalez was walking into a building on East 93rd St. when he slipped on a step, officials said.

Flatiron »

If you're dreading shoveling snow on Friday, take heart. It was a lot worse in Gilded Age NYC.

Downtown Brooklyn »

But Mayor Bill de Blasio believes the snow should be cleared by Friday morning's commute.

Upper West Side »

Visiting parks would be dangerous during the Thursday snowstorm, officials said.

Washington Heights »

Public school students aren't the only ones enjoying a snow day.

Midtown »

City officials warned New Yorkers to take public transit rather than driving during the storm.

Wakefield »

The storm dumped 2 inches by 7 a.m. and officials warned of dangerous road conditions.

Midtown »

A storm was expected to dump up to 12 inches of snow on New York City by Thursday night.

SoHo »

The sanitation department will start to salt roads and sidewalks ahead of the storm. 

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