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Lawyers for NYPD Officer Peter Liang failed to convince the judge to grant a mistrial.

Ocean Breeze »

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated the 2007 conviction of Michael Duhs, 42.

Jamaica »

The library filed a complaint against Thomas Galante, hoping to recover thousands of dollars.

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Peter Liang alerted his supervisors as soon as he realized Akai Gurley was shot, his lawyer said.

St. George »

Investor Eric Kaufman also said CEO Rich Marin has let the budget get out of control.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Rookie Officer Peter Liang, 27, said that his gun went off accidentally when he became startled.

Civic Center »

FDNY Chaplain Ann Kansfield married a couple who missed their officiant after Friday's crane collapse.

Downtown Brooklyn »

A responding officer testified that he did not receive full CPR training at the police academy.

Upper East Side »

The man targeted four hospitals several times over the course of nearly two years, police say.

SoHo »

Stan Patz wrote that a 2004 ruling that named Jose Ramos as their son's killer was wrong.

St. Albans »

NYPD Officer Larry Jackson was falsely arrested and beaten by police inside his own home in 2010.

Civic Center »

Shkreli said he was just defending himself after the Wu-Tang Clan member called him a "s**thead." 

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