Chelsea »

The suit claims the players attacked a man who tried to stop Barnes from choking the woman he was with.

Old Town »

SG Hylan Motors Corp. will pay back $1.5 million to customers, the attorney general said.

Bay Ridge »

Councilman Vincent Gentile's former aide said his toys were decapitated and he was locked in a basement.

Greenwich Village »

Gina Zuckerman, 90, was attacked in Greenwich Village in September.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Patricia Gatling announced she will run in 2017 to fill Ken Thompson's seat.

Upper East Side »

Max Gemma, who was with Joseph Comunale the night he died, was charged with tampering with evidence.

St. George »

Mayor Bill de Blasio has said he may delete information rather than hand it to Trump's government.

Castle Hill »

Deborah Danner, 66, was fatally shot in her home by Sergeant Hugh Barry in mid-October.

Civic Center »

Kerry Kennedy runs the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization, named for her late father.

Times Square & Theater District »

Spider-Man impersonator Abdel Amine Elkhezzani is seeking $2.5 million in damages, a filing shows. 

Dongan Hills »

Delano Hubert was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison for the murder of Cesar Augusto Sanchez.

Port Morris »

Smith Electric Vehicles was supposed to build a factory in Port Morris but never did, the lawsuit says.

West Harlem »

A man claiming to be Zymere Perkins' dad wants to bring a wrongful death suit against the city. 

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