Sep 25 | 6:24pm | 
Upper East Side »

"I hit him," said Arbah Beniasser as he sat in his cab near East 86th Street.

Sep 25 | 5:58pm | 
Downtown Brooklyn »

A jury found Juan Maldonado, 57, is guilty of manslaughter for the death of Matthew von Ohlen.

Sep 25 | 5:52pm | 
Upper West Side »

The $14.5 million project aims to restore nearly 1,800 items in the museum's oldest hall.

Sep 25 | 5:30pm | 
Charleston »

Riverside Galleria has tried to get an exemption that would allow it to bypass a review process.

Sep 25 | 5:27pm | 
Civic Center »

Detectives in the Intelligence Division were routinely denied promotions for a decade, the NYCLU said.

Sep 25 | 5:15pm | 
Downtown Brooklyn »

Marlon Sewell took the stand Monday in his manslaughter trial for the death of Victoria Nicodemus.

Sep 25 | 4:57pm | 
Morrisania »

Adalgisa Degaro was attacked on Jackson Avenue at about 8 a.m. Monday, officials said. 

Sep 25 | 4:48pm | 
Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Under the plan, construction would occur "without disrupting operations" at the existing terminal.

Sep 25 | 4:33pm | 
Chelsea »

DOT started implementing a plan to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety along the stretch this week.

Sep 25 | 4:15pm | 
Park Slope »

A Brooklyn councilman says LinkNYC should map bus arrivals for stops without countdown clocks.

Sep 25 | 3:54pm | 
Midland Beach »

The Midland Motor Inn can no longer open as a transient hotel because it sat unused for two years.

Sep 25 | 2:22pm | 
Jackson Heights »

A group of residents held the sign during a Mets game Friday to support protesting athletes.

Sep 25 | 1:51pm | 
Financial District »

Two men are suing the Port Authority and Otis Elevator Company over the incident.

Sep 25 | 1:29pm | 
Morrisania »

The website calls new transplants and Melrose Mayors to come enjoy the baby octopus ragú.

Sep 25 | 1:29pm | 
Bed-Stuy »

The mayor said that despite the "few instances" of immigration raids, he wants to end the practice.

Sep 25 | 1:24pm | 
St. George »

The decaying Aramajani Lighthouse structure and pedestrian bridge will be demolished.

Sep 25 | 1:17pm | 
Gowanus »

A gunman fired into the victim's car Friday night, hitting one man in the head and another in the arm. 

Sep 25 | 1:16pm | 
Bushwick »

"I want to go over there but I can't leave the buisnesses."

Sep 25 | 12:38pm | 
Civic Center »

"I was a very sick man," Weiner said through tears during his sentencing.

Sep 25 | 10:48am | 
Travis »

Matthew Randazzo, 28, died Sunday morning after he crashed into the truck on West Service Road.