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Melrose »

Sajmir Alimehmeti was arrested in The Bronx for trying to join the Islamic State, prosecutors said.

St. George »

Rep. Dan Donovan will introduce the Terrorist Asset Seizure Reform Act on Monday night.

Midtown »

The employee warned his co-worker not to come into work on the day he planned to bring the grenade in.

Financial District »

The woman recanted her story that she was attacked by a man who called her "a terrorist," police said.

Midtown »

There is no known threat to New York, but more security has been deployed to train hubs and airports.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Police think it was sent by the same people responsible for a December email that shut down LA schools.

Times Square & Theater District »

Times Square will have close to 6,000 officers on New Year's Eve, officials said.

Melrose »

Joseph Lemm worked for the Bronx Warrant Squad, officials said.

Midtown East »

The High School of Art and Design closed on Wednesday after receiving a threatening email, police said.

College Point »

A threat to city schools was quickly deemed a hoax by the NYPD on Tuesday morning.

Upper East Side »

Clinton's speech at the Council on Foreign Relations displayed "real leadership." the mayor said.

Times Square & Theater District »

The mayor blasted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his remarks on Syria.

Times Square & Theater District »

The video released by the terrorist group mentions Times Square, police said.

Civic Center »

The mayor hasn't put a figure on a number the city would be willing to accept.

Upper East Side »

Flowers, candles and messages of peace have been left at the consulate at Fifth Avenue at 74th Street.