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Astoria »

The popular store on 31st Street owes $218,014.80 in sales tax, according to officials.

Williamsburg »

Pudge Knuckles on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg owes the state more than $130,000.

Williamsburg »

Verboten was shuttered by the state on Wednesday after owing $360,000 in unpaid sales tax

Jackson Heights »

Deanna Rhett, 59, Donna Saunders, 60 and Juanita Lamb, 57, allegedly used a "found money" scam. 

New Dorp »

The congressman pleaded guilty to underreporting profits and wages at an eatery he co-owned.

Civic Center »

DNAinfo New York mapped how City Council members doled out their discretionary funds.

East Village »

Dr. David Ores needed the money to keep his office open at 189 E. Second St.

Civic Center »

Dinkins officials used funds dedicated to Safe Streets, Safe City to plug budget holes, insiders said.

Hunts Point »

Su Casa Travel Bureau helps residents fill out government forms and offers informal advice for free.

Civic Center »

The move would create a political obstacle for Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan for a pre-K tax hike.

East Harlem »

Union officials said they would fight for the mayor's tax hike on the wealthy in Albany.

Civic Center »

The mayor said the incoming de Blasio administration should be thrilled with the condition NYC is in.

Civic Center »

Insiders say the Republican mayoral candidate's anemic poll numbers are keeping supporters away.

Times Square & Theater District »

Bill de Blasio, Christine Quinn and other contenders traded fire over tax policy and stop-and-frisk.