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Gowanus »

Alloy Development offered the free land in a bid to stop the city from seizing it under eminent domain.

Gowanus »

Double D Pool and Thomas Greene Park will likely be affected by the SuperFund cleanup, officials said.

Long Island City »

Advocacy group Green Shores NYC is organizing the tour as part of its "Bridging the Creek" initiative.

Gowanus »

The neighborhood where tire shops and auto repair dominated is now a gourmet food shopping destination.

Ridgewood »

Remediation work at the former atomic bomb project site led the EPA to discover more contamination.

Greenpoint »

A request for proposals was released Wednesday for groups with eco-friendly projects in mind.

Greenpoint »

Residents are concerned pollution in and around Newtown Creek could release toxins during construction.

Red Hook »

John Quadrozzi, who hopes to use toxic sludge as landfill, hasn't paid fines he owes the state.

Red Hook »

A business owner wants to use sludge from the Gowanus Canal as landfill to expand his property.

Greenpoint »

The tour exposes "spooky" environmental and historic facts about the creek.

Port Richmond »

The EPA has started to remove soil at the Jewett White Lead Company superfund site in Port Richmond.

Greenpoint »

Sewage clean-up efforts are actually contaminating the air above Newtown Creek, a study found.

Williamsburg, Greenpoint & Bushwick »

The North Brooklyn Boat Club will offer canoeing and kayaking from its own space this spring.