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Lenox Hill »

A new study of subway etiquette finds that New York riders aren't as inconsiderate as you might think.

Red Hook »

The study provides some details on commuters, travel times and annual operating costs.

Greenpoint »

Residents near Newtown Creek weren't more likely to get cancer or have birth defects, a study concluded.

Marble Hill »

A New Yorker smoking a pack a day spends $187,379 on tobacco over his lifetime, a study says.

Upper East Side »

An UES group released a study recommending ways to protect the diversity of the neighborhood.

Civic Center »

Instead, the company will provide data to the city so it can study traffic congestion.

Cobble Hill »

The Brooklyn Historic Railway Association wants to restore the tunnel, though the city deemed it unsafe.

Hudson Heights »

A study found the uptown park is one of the happiest spots in the entire borough.

Morningside Heights »

Get to your happy, solo place at one of these low-key spots near Columbia University.

Upper West Side »

Scientists tested 10 sites on the river's estuary between Westchester County and Lower Manhattan.

Red Hook »

The Brooklyn-based study was launched by the U.S. Army Corps, May 28.

Upper East Side »

As controversy over street vendors continues, research shows how they sell their wares.

New York City »

The largest study to date found no clear link between toxic Ground Zero dust and cancer.

Morningside Heights »

The area around Columbia University is jammed with study spots for students.

Jamaica »

Kennedy's large passenger and connecting flight volume make it disease super-spreader.