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Downtown Brooklyn »

BP Adams is asking the mayor to look into a municipal car share program for Downtown Brooklyn.

Chelsea »

Chelsea residents are worried about the loss of another piece of public space.

Washington Heights »

The Plaza de Las Americas at 175th Street and Broadway will be transformed into a town square. 

Upper West Side »

A developer in charge of a public atrium in Lincoln Square wants to turn it into commercial space.

Hudson Square »

The Freeman Plaza parks are surrounded by four lanes of honking traffic entering the Holland Tunnel.

Downtown Brooklyn »

The mayor recently announced a series of projects that will transform Downtown Brooklyn's green spaces. 

Chelsea »

The $4.5 billion development will get twice the public space under a newly approved plan.

Navy Yard »

The Brooklyn Greenway Initiative is planning a new park at Kent and Flushing avenues.

Upper East Side »

One Community Board 8 Member suggested developers should pay for public green space.

Chelsea »

The park will host talks on similar projects in other cities — and even on Staten Island.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

The Dyer Avenue triangle is the first part of a larger plaza coming this summer.

Upper East Side »

Residents and activists expressed their concerns at a community board forum Thursday night.

Corona »

A lobbyist for Major League Soccer also sits on the board of the High Line.

Elmhurst »

A festival highlighting local food, music and dancing is coming to Dunningham Triangle.

Lower East Side »

Noise and the loss of public space angered many locals who have been locked out of the area.