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Astoria »

Sean's Place closes at 9 p.m. but has been a "consistent nighttime hangout" officials said.

Astoria »

A petition to fix and reopen the Charybdis Playground restrooms has more than 300 signatures.

Forest Hills »

A playground at Yellowstone Park has no locking gates, creating a safety hazard, parents say.

Long Island City »

The small toddlers play space on 48th Avenue and 5th Street has been closed the last few years.

Astoria »

Kids at P.S. 166 have recess just twice a week, parents said.

Greenwich Village »

Other parks projects in the neighborhood include sidewalk repair at Washington Square Park.

Long Island City »

Parents at the elementary school have been pushing to get an outdoor recess space for years.

Upper East Side »

Elements from the playground's original design from the 1930s will return.

Long Island City »

Miguel Cavanzos is collecting signatures to get a park opened in the area.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

The new playground has a turf field, a track and outdoor ping-pong tables.

Astoria »

The change is planned as part of a $3 million overhaul of the Astoria Heights Playground.  

Upper West Side »

Locals have spent "hundreds, if not thousands, of hours thinking about" the P.S. 166 playground.

Washington Heights »

The playground with fountains will be open this summer, after it was previously slated to be closed.

Greenpoint »

Five projects were selected to receive more than $1.5 million of the city's money in District 33.

Astoria »

New design plans for the Astoria park include volleyball courts and all-weather ping pong tables.